Men's Heated Insulated Jacket - New Heating Technology



Boasting 3 heat panels, one for your back and 1 on each side of the chest, the Heated Insulated Jacket is guaranteed to keep warm for hours.  With an athletic style waist, elastic wrist cups and lightweight insulated layer, the heat will stay inside the jacket and will provide top-quality heat retention.

Each heated jacket is powered by a 2.0A USB Battery, which are sold separately. You may use your own, or order one from our USB Battery page.

The Heated Inulated Jacket offers 6 pockets for the modern life essentials. These pockets can anything from keys, phone, wallet, and other small items. There's even a pocket big enough to fit your tablet and one specifically for the power bank.


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Flexible Power Source

Feel free to use your own power bank or purchase one from us to keep you warm.

Each power bank can also charge your smart phone in addition to keeping you warm while on the go.

At full charge, a power bank can charge your phone 3 times and your tablet once.






3 Heat Zones

3 heating elements covers both sides of the body. The three heat zones include the back and each side of the chest.








Versatile Meets Practical

Keep warm and in style with the warmest men's Battery Power heated puffer jacket on the market.





Power System: 5V USB Power Bank, Output 2.0A

Heating Elements: 1 on Back, 1 on Each Chest

Heat Settings: Low, Medium, High

Voltage: 5V

Gender: Men

Exterior Fabric: Quiltted Nylon Rip-Stop

Lining: 100% Polyester

Insulation: Lightweight Insulation

Waterproof Membrane: Water Resistant

Style: Heated Puffer Jacket


Heat Duration

Low / Green LED Light: 10 Hours

Medium / Yellow LED Light: 6 Hours

High / Red LED Light: 4 Hours

*Base on output 2.0 USB 10,400mAh power bank*