Electrical Heated clothes from Varme Kle

The products from Varme Kle are basically modern garments that can be used as outerwear or a layer of clothing under your existing clothes.


The product range is wide and embraces jackets/vests/pants/insoles in fleece, bubble and soft shell quality. In addition, you will find Heat Therapy Products with FIR technology (Far Infrared Rays or long infrared rays) that is specially adapted to eight places on your body from head to toe.


The products come in varieties that are portable (7.4 volt battery), for products that can be connected to 12 volt battery (MC, ATV and snowmobile) and also for 220 Volt (FIR Heat Therapy).


The amazing and unique thing about these products, is that you can add heat if you need it. The products can be supplied with heating that are produced by hairline microfiber elements. The elements are placed inside the products and this make them both agile and flexible.


XCT system supplies heat through either a 7.4 volt rechargeable battery (portable), 220 volt connection (FIR Heat Therapy) when you use the products at home or 12-volt battery connection when using the specially designed products for motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile.


All products have three heat levels where you can decide how much heat you want to supply. With the small and portable batteries you are warm up to six hours depending on the heat level you choose. Connected 12 volt battery or 220 volt, you are warm as long as you want.


To prevent freezing, increase your comfort and most likely improve your health, choose products from Varme Kle.